Ask and Ye Shall Receive
"Waking" (Feel free to share feedback)

Dawn breaking through dusk and dew,

night fading in a crimson hew,

all the truths I once knew,

lost now upon thoughts of you…

Waking dreams left forsaken,

distant memories oft mistaken,

unfamiliar world to which I awaken,

traveling now the road untaken…

Eyes cast down to the sky,

upon faithless clouds I fly,

twilight dancing on by,

my tears to earth I cry…

Faces drowned in sorrow,

tributes to the lives we borrow,

breath unyielding to the morrow,

your river of love will never shallow…

Hearts strummed to a single beat,

trust in faith shan’t retreat,

amongst His angels you shall seat,

til the day again we meet…

My boyfriend keeps leaving me hickies on my neck, but I don't want him to stop really, though my parents would kill me if they found out, what should I do?

First off, I decided to answer this one today, even though I have a few on my list to do, because of its relevance to an incident yesterday at work. 

The answer to this one is quite simple, “the collarbone rule.” Parents and “mature” friends would tell you that you should simply stop letting some boy suck on your neck, implying stopping all together. Now, although there is logic behind that, I look at it slightly different. If your relationship has progressed to a point that you are letting someone suck on your neck and who knows where else, simply saying stop isn’t going to work. If you intend on continuing this form of intimacy, one of two things needs to happen. Either A: He learns how to not leave marks, or at least heavily visible ones, and yes that is possible. Or B: You adhere to the “collarbone rule.” The collarbone rule is quite simple, don’t let someone suck on any part of your body above your collarbone, or more correctly the collar-cut of your shirt. Now this might seem like I’m saying that you should just let some guy dive down your shirt, and in a way I am, but if your relationship is already at the point of leaving grotesque hickies all over the place, chances are that you’ve already had your shirt off or are intending to in the very near future. Even if it’s just a shoulder or an inch below the neckline, the collarbone rule will save both you, and possibly your boyfriend, embarrassment and possibly a job; not to mention avoid that dreadful long lecture from parents.

Although the collarbone rule is a tried and true method to avoid detection in most cases, it obviously doesn’t work and may end up even worse if at any point you are exposed to a family member without your shirt on, IE swimming, changing, etc. Of the two options I presented, I’m still a bigger fan of option A, but that’s only an option if your significant other actually knows what they’re doing and/or is willing to put in the time to learn. I feel that kissing/sucking on the neck is far more intimate than let’s say the collarbone, depending on the intended stimulation, but better safe than sorry.

Many more responses coming to questions so stay tuned. Oh and don’t forget to toss more questions my way.

did you get bored of this already?

Not at all, I stopped promoting it, was hoping some of the people I told about it would ask some things for me to post about. I got like 5-6, most of which were people that didn’t read anything about what I said, just been working on replies for them. The point of this wasn’t to stop boredom per say, but work as a form of knowledge and thought expression to those that seek it, if people don’t seek, I’m not going to chase them. I will post responses to a few of the questions I did receive soon, I’ve just been busy as of late.

Some thoughts at 5am a few months back.

Since before we can speak, we have been taught a truth of the world, there is good and there is evil. Our hopes have bred us to believe that good triumphs over evil, love over hate, life over death, and so forth. We are taught all the workings of the world from the most elementary 1+1=2 to the deepest levels of intellectual debate. Mankind is the dominant species of this world and man is inherently good. Therefore, if man is inherently good, our kind will overcome the obstacles in our way along the path to an ultimate good and of peace. As we embrace our inherent goodness, we cast out anything we deem to be against our good. If something is not of man, or his good, then it must be of evil, for there can be no light of man without a darkness to defeat. Without a counter force, the light will be indifferent and indistinguishable.

These simple truths have lead us to begin drawing lines through life and the world around, to divide the good from the bad. To picture this, think of a circle with a line down the middle, one side is dark the other is light. A rather elegant form of judgment: look at something, decide if it’s good or bad, then assign it its proper place. As perfect as this plan may seem, we have come across many elements that fall right on the line dividing the two halves. We’ve pushed, we’ve pulled, and eventually we’ve categorized them one way or another, for an element may have apparent elements of light and dark, but it “must” be more of one than the other, if even by the smallest fraction. As we begin looking closer at this collection of “abnormal” elements, we can begin to see that the line we cast between good and bad is a lot wider and filled with more and more elements containing fractions of both sides.

To take a step back, we can see that life, the world, and all things appear to follow a pattern rotating through the good and the evil. Day becomes night which becomes day and returns to night. People are born, people die, and new people are born. Even the planet cycles through seasons of birth and seasons of death. You wake up, then slumber off to sleep, and awaken the next day. Within any well-defined window, one can find a cycle to events.

From what we’ve learned about the world around us, for any change in event their must be some force, some form of influence on an element, otherwise it will remain in it’s natural unchanged state. The question this leads us to ask is what causes the night to become day and the day to become night. Obviously for a cycle of rotation there must be a force that acts stronger at one given moment and weaker at another, while oppositely another force acts weakly at the initial time and stronger at a later time. This form of push and pull on a system would cause large amounts of irregularity in a cycle. Days would become longer and nights shorter, or the reverse, unless there was some level of control to just when these forces act. From our initial statement about changing the state of an element, the same can be applied to the thought of these forces, what regulates the magnitude of their pushes and pulls.

One can argue back and forth on any of the reasons behind any of these questions, but it is my belief that a far more intriguing question will eventually have to be asked: If there is some form of force acting on us, how do we influence it back, if we can at all? Now to assume that there is necessarily some way we can interact with this “godlike” force behind the tiniest changes in the world would be a blasphemous claim of which no precedence nor known experiment could prove. The simplest starting point we have in which to begin our journey is this: At one point, before knowledge, before fact, before anything was known, before anything was derived, before anything was anything by name or description, things were. Man did not gain some sudden amazing understanding of the world, it’s makings, or anything.

Great minds will tell you that as you go deeper and deeper behind a known concept, eventually you will find a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess, but if nothing is known, what is it educated on? At some point, a guess was made about something, that through some grace of existence maintained credibility long enough for another, slightly more complex, guess to be made. Eventually, guess upon guess was made until eventually something became fact. This form of understanding is similar to trying to build a house in the middle of the sky, you keep pouring cement down until eventually it fills up everything to the point we desire it. Although we have progressed greatly and accomplished many things based on these facts we so openly embrace, one may wonder what “truths” we covered up and lost in laying the foundation for our understanding.

Starting things off, hopefully on the right foot.

So here’s the story: People have always come to me for advice, whether it be what outfit to wear, where to eat, what to do to please the partner, just about anything. After years and years of answering questions and others struggling to have the nerve to ask me anything, I decided to make an outlet/compendium of wisdom and knowledge accessible to anyone interested. Of course, I left the option to ask questions anonymously, in case you’re shy or just don’t want things out there with your name on it. As always you can put your initials, a nickname, or anything you’d like as your name, though I believe that embrace your question and/or curiosity is a huge step in overcoming whatever the obstacle/challenge may be. With that said, hope to get many many many questions, not only will it give me something to do, but I enjoy helping people and engaging. If at any point there aren’t questions to answer, or perhaps I just have something I’d like to share with you all, it’ll be posted on here as well.

If by some chance I get a large flow of questions, be patient, I will get to every question as soon as reasonable. Try not to ask a question that’s already been asked, unless there is some specificity to your situation that needs to be included for reevaluation. Also, please ask one question per entry. If it’s a very closely related part or a secondary what if, that’s fine, I just don’t want a billion questions leading in different tangents all in one.

WARNING: I will answer every question as truthfully, knowledgeably, and bluntly as possible. Don’t expect a pat on the back, also don’t take my wisdom as actionable fact, it is after all just an opinion. That being said, feel free to ask about any and every topic, if I don’t know what your question is, I’ll ask for clarification, though it’d be best for you to try to be clear in the first place.

Hope I was clear enough not to cause any future offense, though I know it will happen. Take care all and look forward to answering any questions you have.